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Have you got a great idea for a business? Or perhaps you’d like some guidance and reassurance to take your business to the next level? Now is the time to do it – with the 5-9 Club!

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The 5-9 Club is an 8-week after-hours course (held once a week), designed to help you through the early stages of enterprise.

After completing the 5-9 Club you will not only come away with the invaluable knowledge you need for your business but also a GCSE-equivalent qualification in Exploring & Planning Entrepreneurship

No matter your business idea, you can now build your contacts and take advantage of 8 weeks of epic, business support. But don’t take our word for it, read our 5-9 Stories by members who have completed the course.


If you fit the criteria of our partners, you may be eligible for a funded (free) space.

If you’re not eligible, the 5-9 Club is also available at no extra cost as part of the Explorer package (£12 a month).

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We accept individuals on to this course who have an idea for a business, through to 18 months of trading. There’s no other restrictions.

This 8 week afterhours program will walk you through your business model at a comfortable pace. Each week we will address the fundamental things you need to consider to make your business a success. By week 7 you will have a much better idea of how your business will work, and feel more confident to communicate your idea with the world!

There are eight sessions across the 8 weeks (one a week), each session welcomes the group from 5pm for a 6pm start – The first hour is for arrival and networking.

There’s no pressure to arrive for 5pm as we understand that many people will be commuting at this time.

It’s not really that kind of course.

Each week you will have suggested things to work on ahead of the next session, however, it’s not compulsory – each person takes the course at their own pace.

On week 8, you will be invited to share your idea with a few experts who we think can help you with further tailored guidance, insight and contacts to finish the course with. Again, this isn’t compulsory, but as with everything – the more you put into the course, the more you’ll get out of it.

As part of our support, we provide the following:

– Free invitations to ICE events and activities

– A supportive group of likeminded people to share experiences, insight, and contacts

– Experts and mentors to advise you, and to build your network with

– Recommendations for software, apps, other business support, and funding providers

– Follow up emails after every session during the 8 week course containing learning materials and resources to support your learning journey

– Ongoing support following the course with Welsh ICE – Whether you’re ready to launch your business or not. We don’t say goodbye unless you do.

– 3 months on the Explorer Package with  ICE for free

– Exclusive gifts and discounts from a few of our 5 – 9 Club guests and speakers

We understand the current pressures on small business owners and the importance of family and health first. Useful tools, links and resources mentioned in every session will be shared in a follow up email shortly after, and you would also be welcome to attend any sessions you missed with another cohort later on if you wish.

However naturally, the more sessions you attend, the more you will get out of the program.

The 5 – 9 Club covers all aspects of a business model, also providing you with experts and mentors to answer very specific questions on a weekly basis. The 5 – 9 Club is geared around a community of business owners helping each other, and if you don’t need support in any topic covered, you can still benefit from growing your network with us, and sharing your experiences with others.

Weekly, live workshops

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