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International Women’s Day 2021 is fast approaching and we here at ICE are bringing you a guide to this year’s themes, events and resources to help you start conversations, projects and initiatives that aim to call out gender bias and inequity.  


Theme: #ChooseToChallenge

This year’s IWD theme is Choose To Challenge, a concept that states, a challenged world is an alert world. The idea that by challenging what we know and what we learn, we become responsible for our own opinions and can better our outlook on society because of it. We can choose to offer women the same opportunities as men and call out the inequalities as they happen.

If we all collectively challenge inequality and champion women’s achievements, we’ll go a long way to creating a more inclusive world – From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.


IWD Events

Where to start with IWD and which events should I attend? 

IWD has a long list of really informative events that take place up until March 17th. The subject matter is diverse and includes Women in STEM, COVID-19 Inequalities, Refugee Stories and tons more. 

For you SMEs, you might want to check out IWD’s flagship event lead by Indeed which will be focusing on the economic gender gap and the best practices for bridging it.

Here is a list of events to check out:

  • HackHERthon: Innovating to solve the 4 biggest challenges facing Women – TalentHack.0 (5th March)
  • 4 WHY’s Women Awards – Find Your WHY! (7th March)
  • Town Hall: Improving the business landscape for women – AS WE ARE/TownSq (8th March)
  • Women in Tech – SUSE (8th March)
  • Different Day Same Problem: COVID-19, Leadership and Inequality – University of Aberdeen (9th March)
  • Men Choosing to Challenge – Jeffery Halter (11th March)

Taking part in IWD!

So you’ve signed up for a few events and are eagerly awaiting your e-vites to join them, but what else can you do? Firstly you’re going to want to decide what you want to achieve this International Women’s Day, are you:

  • Raising awareness about the various inequalities and biases in society.
  • Celebrating all the amazing achievements and milestones made by womankind.
  • Launching an initiative to lobby for equality.
  • Fundraising for continued support to IWD and what it stands for.

Once you’ve decided what to pursue, you need to think about how you’re going to go about it. There’s plenty of methods, both big and small, that you can do to help support the movement. You can:

  • Hold a digital event, collaborate with others in your space to really get the ball rolling!
  • Make a video discussing your own experiences in solidarity
  • Develop resources to help educate
  • Be a IWD Champion and share it with your network

If those don’t appeal to you, the most important thing you can do this International Women’s Day is to learn more about the issues and bias that are occurring around the globe. If we all better educate ourselves on these issues then we can help solve them!