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Thursday, 21st January 1pm – 3pm

From the multi-award-winning author of Anti-Sell, this workshop will help you to learn how to network on behalf of your business in a non-salesy way – because no one likes being ‘sold’ to, right?

With a focus on online networking tips (due to the pandemic), we’ll still also cover the more ‘traditional’ aspects of networking, as well as what we can likely expect in a post-vaccine world.

  • A long list of sales, networking, marketing and lead generation techniques and tips – with a focus on online networking tips especially
  • An understanding on how to tie your networking efforts into your passions and your strengths
  • Suggestions on where and how to network – e.g. where to hang out community-wise
  • How to find more ‘good-fit’ clients
  • A bunch of other related topics, such as testimonials, awards, and how to handle ‘freebie’ requests

Steve Morgan

Morgan Online Marketing