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Thank you so much for taking an interest in being a speaker for ICE workshops and the 5-9 Club.

We’re dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of training for our community and ask that you please read and agree to the below Speaker Agreement and our Code of Conduct.

Speaker Agreement

As a speaker for Welsh ICE events and workshops, I agree to fulfil the following:

  • I agree to comply with all deadlines and I understand that non-compliment of those deadlines may affect the inclusion of my presentation and conference materials.
  • I will notify Welsh ICE staff immediately if I am unable to comply with my obligation as an event or workshop speaker due to an emergency.
  • During my presentation, I will not promote my products or services with commercial interest, unless I am given permission to do so.
  • I guarantee that my presentation is my own original work and that it does not contain anything defamatory or illegal. I have the authority to sign this agreement, and I am the sole copyright holder or have obtained all necessary permits or licenses from any person or organisation whose material is included or used in my presentation.
  • I give permission that by accepting the agreement as a speaker for Welsh ICE it is equivalent to an agreement with the 5 to 9 Club where I assign the following uses of my image and over which Welsh ICE will own the rights and will be able to distribute, and exhibit works based on those recordings in any form or format:

– I agree to the use of my name and/or image in photos, video, internet transmission or other media.
– I agree to record the audio and/or video of my presentation.
– I agree to create and use the speakers’ material for the publicity of the sessions (audio and/or video)


  • A purchase order will be sent to you roughly 4-weeks prior to your session, or upon booking confirmation, whichever comes last
  • Typically, key speakers should invoice £150+VAT for a full workshop if delivered in-person. And £115 + VAT for a full workshop if delivered online. Shorter 30 min workshops should be invoiced at £50+VAT
  • Payments will be settled 30 days following invoice

Read our Code of Conduct here.

Please complete the form below to confirm this agreement.