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This cohort has been filled. Please click here to see upcoming available cohorts.

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in the 5-9 Club! 🌜✨

We’re currently accepting interest for our next Women in Business cohort (starting Wednesday 28th of April).

This version of the 5 to 9 Club course has been specifically designed for women across South Wales, wanting to lay the right foundations to start their own businesses.

Whether you’ve been made redundant, are at risk of redundancy, are on furlough or have been on a career break, if you’ve got a business idea, or are in early stages of getting your idea off the ground, this nine week course will help you!

Created by, and delivered by women for women, this fun and flexible course will:

  • Inspire and build confidence
  • Build business ‘know how’
  • Help to build contacts, tools and resources, to help you get your idea off the ground at a comfortable pace

Women are just a third as likely to start-up businesses as men. We believe that supporting and increasing women’s participation in entrepreneurship will promote opportunity, tackle inequality and create a positive impact on the economy of Wales.

Register your interest below for more information or start the full application now, to get the ball rolling.