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Minty's Gig Guide

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Daniel Minty

How many times have you heard  “I wonder what’s going on tonight?” / “I didn’t know that was happening?” / “Aw. I’m gutted I missed this”?We are a live music guide that celebrates Cardiff’s musical landscape, from covering arena-filling favourites to unearthing must-see grassroots gems. Our services are easily accessible, interactive, inclusive and diverse.We want to expand on our reach and become the go-to source of gig information in Cardiff and South Wales, with a view to potentially growing Wales-wide in future. We know what’s going on, so will you too! We need to establish our digital web-based presence to push the envelope, and function as a community owned platform for both local and visitor engagement. Alongside this, we will be providing an updated map that is fresh, immersive and serves as a vital tool for presenting the parity of the scene at all levels, across one vibrant canvas. A product that can be cherished as a souvenir, alongside other stories, memories and precious moments that we will encourage people to share on our mediums.It is imperative that we not only advocate and stand up for Cardiff’s cultural fabric, but also adapt to reflect the cities ever-changing zeitgeist. We are devoted to shining a light on issues impacting the stability of Cardiff’s music venues, the city’s treasured heritage, and give a platform to causes and people that need our exposure.