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Partner with us

ICE supports the start-up and early-stage growth of businesses. Our community has expanded into a large cohort of coworking freelancers and SME’s. Our mission is to empower UK entrepreneurs and start-ups to reach their full potential, with rewarding and impactful businesses and careers.

We work with organisations in a range of different ways, from government funding and grant partners to corporates looking to invest and foster the new generation of entrepreneurs. Partnering with ICE enables organisations to deliver change and create long term economic, social and educational impact for UK entrepreneurs, start up, SME’s and local business communities.

Some of current partners include:

Alternatively, we are working with specialist firm b2b partnerships Ltd to help us develop and deliver our new partnership programme. To explore our partnership opportunities further and find out more, please contact Sarah Collibee at sarah@b2bpartnerships.org