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by The Outreach Team 🌛✨

Hello, January! What a month we’ve had! Check out what the Outreach team have been up to this month 👇

1. B-A-A-W-W 🙌

Sustainable and animal friendly products weren’t enough for these ICE legends, Because Animals Are Worthwhile have now branched out into education, partnering with Cariad Pet Therapy, to introduce a therapy dog to a local primary school to help children overcome nerves when learning to read!

Chloé Carter, founder and Director of B.A.A.W.W evidenced that this wasn’t only important for the children’s reading and attitude towards it, but it was “vital contact time with an animal for the generation who will be responsible pet owners in the future.” Chloé continued by stating that children learned about the care animals require to “reduce the number of stories we hear about abuse, neglect and abandonment going forward.”

These guys are doing incredible work and are constantly thinking of new, innovative ways of communicating their message… BIG round of applause from us at ICE 👏

Check out the article here!

2. Freelance Heroes 🦸

Freelance Heroes 5-9 cohort launch










Houston, we have liftoff!

The 18th of January saw our first pan UK cohort kick-off in partnership with Freelance Heroes! 🙌

This cohort is a little different than our standard programme. Each week of this programme will be 100% catered to helping freelance businesses get off the ground and soaring, with sessions addressing: Identifying Your Strengths, Freelance Challenges, Adaptability, and Resilience, Finding & Managing Clients, and waaaay more!

Special mention to our freelance facilitator (See what we did there)
Jennie Williams✨ Who’ll be taking control and guiding our learners through this cohort 💪

3. Blaenau Gwent 🚀











Houston, We’ve got another launch 😵

Wednesday 26th of January saw Blaenau Gwent 2022 kick-off in style!

Our power pose Queen Janine Jones is leading this group of new and wonderful 5-9 Club legends and from all of us here at ICE we want to wish them a BIG good luck! 🍀

If you know anyone from Blaenau Gwent whose inner entrepreneur is bursting to come out… It’s not too late to sign-up 👉 SIGN ME UP 👈

4. Let’s Celebrate 🎉

Dan Spain, Janine Jones, Lesley Williams and Tomas Phillips. Welsh ICE 5-9 Facilitators

We’ve only got some ICE’iversaries to celebrate ✨

Let’s give a BIIIIIIG old ICE cheer for Janine Jones who’s been with us for 6-Months 🦸 A SUPER hug and high five to Tom Phillips who’s celebrating his 1 year ICE birthday 🦸‍♂️

And finally… We want a cheer SO big, and an applause SO deafening, that it required a line of its own! The wonderful Lesley Williams has only just surpassed 3-years of legendary service to Welsh ICE 👏👏👏👏

The Wolf is only as strong as the pack.. and MY GOODNESS is our outreach pack, a force to be reckoned with! 🥵

5. Get Your CV’s In 👀

ICE are on the lookout for a brand spanking new Training Facilitator to help our amazing team build and prosper, bringing more quality, expertise, and fun-loving nature to our wolf pack! 🐺

That’s enough good news.. for now!

5-9 Club family – we are in awe of your drive and passion to chase your dreams 🚀✨ You’ve made our 2022 start with some shimmer and shine 💖✨  Keep going! We believe in you!

Stop by again at the end of next month, to get the low-down on February’s news!