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by The 5-9 Team 🌛✨

Exciting news! We’re teaming up with Freelance Heroes to deliver an online 5-9 Club for freelancers right across the UK 🦸‍♀️

Freelance Heroes and 5-9 Logo

This exclusive programme has been designed to get new freelance businesses off to the best start – and super excitingly, we’re crossing the bridge with this one! Meaning, any aspiring or “early days” freelancer across the whole of the UK can join!

What is the 5-9 Club?

The 5-9 Club is an 8 week after-hours business course that takes you through the fundamental things you need to know about to make your business idea a success. You’ll be taught by industry experts alongside like-minded people in a supportive and fun environment.

This 8 week course will run one evening a week from 5pm till 9pm, and teach you about:

  • Idea Generation
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Putting your Business Online
  • Business Planning
  • Pitching your idea

This course will run online on Tuesdays from the 11th of January, 2022.

What is Freelance Heroes?

Freelance Heroes is a supportive and encouraging community of peer support and a platform for personal development. Never closed for business, members can share experiences, ask questions and network with people who are in the same freelancing boat.

Annie Browne, HelloMyPa and Freelance Heroes

In 2019, Freelance Heroes developed their very own portal which was borne out of requests from the 10,000 strong Freelance Heroes Facebook community to create a more structured membership service. When you sign up to this special 5-9 Club you’ll gain access to this platform for 12 months.

On this new partnership, co-founder of Freelance Heroes Annie Browne says:

Having been part of The 5-9 Club family for several years I have seen the positive effect that it has had on the start-up journey and successes of entrepreneurs across Wales. To be working in partnership with the 5-9 team to bring that level of support to the Freelance Heroes community across UK is very, very exciting.

We want to be able to give freelancers across the UK the right tools and knowledge to kickstart their freelance career and I have no doubt that this bespoke course from the 5-9 club will do exactly that.

Exciting! Interested in applying? Learn more here.