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by Tomas Phillips

This week we launched our very first blended-learning and Youth 5-9 Club and it was everything we hoped 🙌

Yesterday evening marked a very exciting milestone in both the 5-9 Club and my role as its facilitator, as we are launched not only our first ever youth-focused cohort, but also our first using a blended learning approach.

Though the 5-9 Club has a greater impact when attending face-to-face sessions, over the past 18 months we discovered that people often prefer the flexibility of “jumping on zoom”, rather than having to travel after work/university to attend a workshop should they be strapped for time. The introduction of blended learning means we can now offer this on a permanent basis, making the programme even more flexible and accessible to any demographic.

This new and exciting approach means we can continue to develop the quality of the 5-9 Club, with blended learning already proven to enhance communication, and personalisation among learners through its use across the education system. Other benefits are that young people will further develop their edtech skills, and peer support methods, using applications such as WhatsApp & Slack.

This cohort will run every Wednesday evening from 5pm till 9pm for the next 8 weeks and though you’ll have missed the first session, there’s still time to catch up and come along either in person or virtually.

Simply apply here or drop an email to tom@welshice.org if you have any further questions.

About the Author

Tom is one of our Training Facilitators and part of our outreach team here at ICE, joining the team after previous experience delivering enterprising projects to young people across South Wales. Tom’s mission is to help take the 5 to 9 Club to new levels by continuing to provide quality business support and role models from the Welsh ICE community, that will ultimately encourage more bidding entrepreneurs to discover their dreams. If you have a business idea you would like to explore, or simply want to know more about what the 5 to 9 Club offers, please give Tom a shout! He is a simple soul, he loves to shop, he loves to eat, and of course… he’s all about crazy cool socks!

Tom Phillips